We create a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive, nurturing, family environment – making The Invictus Group a win-win situation for clients and employees alike. Individual achievement is valued and rewarded, but we compete as a team – supporting and applauding the success of our teammates. Mentoring and coaching is a big part of our culture too. Every day, through formal training and informal coaching, we help one another learn and succeed. We work hard, but we always have fun too, hence our “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality. Below are the internal growth opportunities while participating in our Development Program…



Our Account Managers are high energy, team- oriented competitors who enjoy the satisfaction of learning and overcoming challenges every day. We introduce our new account managers to the sales and marketing world with a combination of classroom style and hands on training. We find huge success in this since we understand that different people learn in different ways. By working with small to medium sized business owners on a daily basis our Account Managers are allowed to learn from their own mistakes and really get comfortable quickly with the world of sales and marketing.


Learning to be a great teacher is essential in ones development in business. The best way to get good at something is through repetition and since we do all of our hiring at the entry level there are plenty of opportunities for our Corporate Trainers to practice training, coaching, and mentoring. At this point our Management Trainees learn basic skills of side by side training and how to adapt to people’s different learning styles and experience levels. They also develop skills like interviewing, public speaking, time management, and money management & budgeting. Growth opportunities are based on merit and available to those who show the loyalty and commitment required of a true business partner.


After learning how to teach on a 1:1 basis the next step for our Management Trainee is developing leadership skills and learning how to lead and mentor a small team. By starting with a team of only 2-5 employees we do not overwhelm our Management Trainee but instead allow them to build confidence and discover their individual management style. In this step our Management Trainee’s also begin gaining experience in teaching classroom style and designing lesson plans.


Every good leader must also be very organized and structured. In this step we teach operational basics like business finances, payroll, and scheduling. Our Assistant Managers also get a crash course in human resources and administration by being introduced to the hiring and on boarding process. Lastly our Assistant Manager will work with our largest Fortune 500 and 100 clients to help them achieve their sales goals as we prepare them for office expansion.


At this point our Management Trainee is proficient in all of the key areas of our business and is ready to show what he/she can do! We will allow them to choose a team of up to 10 of their peers to branch out and they will be comfortable and confident in knowing that they will be making the right choices with their vast amounts of experience and knowledge. Managing Partners are responsible for the coaching and development of 20-30+ sales and marketing representatives and employees. Management responsibilities will include territory management, public speaking, campaign development, market production, sales training, client relations, client reporting, recruitment and sales planning. Excellent Managers will be given the choice to pursue either an Executive Management role overseeing multiple offices or the ability to lead and manage small business or mid-size business programs in the future.